Disk Image Software – Safety From Disaster

Disk image software is an absolute necessity for every computer user. This is because it is the best way you can apply for saving your data in the disk from any disaster. All of these disk image software are powerful and versatile and can restore a copy to one or many computer at the same time. Here are reviews of some of disk image software available in the market. These are:

Acronis True Image: This software enables you to make exact images of your hard disk and with this it is extremely easy to schedule automatic backup times. Also you can choose to take the backup of those data which has changed and not all the files. The control panel of Acronis also helps you to format, partition and also to delete a hard drive. It is also extremely easy to restore the data. With just few steps you can restore all the data. Diabetic Eye screenings

Paragon Drive Backup: The latest version of this software would help you schedule backup at your own preference. It has got wizards which would instantly guide you in doing any complex task and because of these wizards no matter what you want to do; it is always easy to do. With this program also you can format or delete a hard drive. This is the best option if you are creating an exact copy of your drive.

Norton Ghost: This excellent disk image software comes loaded with features to help you perform easily the tasks of taking backup or scheduling back up or deletion or formatting of a drive. This software not only comes with a tutorial but also with a control panel having links to the various tasks that you can perform with this software. In the control panel you would get a brief description of each task. If you are a new to this program take the help of the wizards which would show you all the tasks. Some interesting features of Norton Ghost include the backup facility to an FTP site folder or to a storage device designated by network. This is extremely helpful if your computer is lost or damaged. Another feature is the Symantec ThreatCon integration which would help you take a backup when there are threats from internet.


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