Everything You Need to Know on Baby Poop

Your Baby’s First Poop Poop Donations
During pregnancy your baby’s digestive system is started-up by consuming amniotic fluid, skin cells, and bile. The first time your baby poops they will empty out everything accumulated during your pregnancy. This usually occurs within 12 hours of birth, and if it doesn’t occur within 24 hours this may be a sign of intestine complications.

Your Baby’s First Month
During the first month of your baby’s life they will poop different colors, mostly dependent on their diet and what they’re fed daily. Babies who are formula fed should poop much firmer, while breastfed babies poop out a seemingly sweet smelling, lighter colored feces.

Babies that Poop More than Usual
If you decided to breastfeed your baby expect them to poop a lot. Normally your baby will be pooping after every time it’s fed for the first few weeks after birth. Watery feces is not an abnormality for breastfed babies. Babies who are formula fed should not be having as many bowel movement as babies who are breastfed.

Babies that Don’t Poop Enough
A month after birth it’s normal for your baby to poop less. Especially breast-fed babies, who seemingly poop all day during their first month, will begin to have drastically less bowel movement. On average, after their first month babies have about 1 bowel movement daily. If it’s been longer than a week for breast-fed babies, or longer than 3 days for formula-fed babies, contact your doctor right away.

Green and Black Colored Poop
Sometimes babies poop out green or black colored feces. This will happen to every baby, and there are several things that cause this. Some things that may cause green or black poop are:



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